Frysk Hânwurdboek

json service endpoints

endpoint link / explanation
info: application info
search: search word forms
details: show details
forms.json: download all lemmas with translations
texts.json: download all texts with translations
xmlSource: show details in xml (in validated format)
translate?form=...&lang=...: search in forms, return translations of the lemma
paradigm?form=...&lang=...: search in forms, return paradigm forms with grammar
pronunciation|hyphenation?form=...&lang=...: search in forms, return pronunciation|hyphenation
synonyms?form=...&lang=...: search in forms, return lemma and synonyms of the lemma
variants?form=...&lang=...: search in forms, return lemma and variants of the lemma
examples|proverbs|collocations?form=...&lang=...: search in forms, return examples|proverbs|collocations with translations for the lemma
capabilities: return capabilities of this dictionary

available parameters for searching


Basically dictionaries in the format of this project consist out of dictionary entries containing word forms with properties and texts in various categories exemplifying the use of the forms. Both forms and texts can have translations in the dictionaries. The forms and / or texts can be queried and dictionary entries can retrieved.

The search endpoint can be used for querying the dictionary based on the parameters mentioned above. Results of a query are returned in pages containing a maximum number of results, you can browse through the pages using an offset.

The searchterm parameter follows lucene syntax, see for example this tutorial or docs for the lucene version used. Search hits will be highlighted in the results, though this will not work for all queries.

The sensitive parameter, when true, allows searching case and diacritics sensitive. By default case and diacritics are ignored.

The highlight parameter, when true, enables highlighting matches in search results. By default matches are not highlighted.

The section parameter determines which sections in the dictionaries will be queried, by default lemmas (forms) will be queried.

The pos parameter restricts has effect only on queries for forms, it restricts those queries to forms of the part of speech given.

Search results are paginated and can contain text, definition or word forms: lemma, paradigm, variant, synonym or compound. By default results are unsorted, this is configurable as well as page size. Each result contains lemma and possibly an id that enables you to navigate to the result in article details. The result shows, when present in the data, translation(s) for forms and text.

example queries

query explanation
search browse all data
search?section=example browse examples
search?searchterm=dag* search for words starting with dag in lemmas
search?searchterm=dei*&searchlang=fry search for words starting with dei in lemmas in frisian
search?searchterm=dag*&pos=verb search for words starting with dag in lemmas, restrict to verbs
search?searchterm="op een kwade dag"&section=collocation search literally for "op een kwade dag" in collocations
search?searchterm=op een kwade dag&section=collocation search for any word in "op een kwade dag" in collocations
search?searchterm=de AND dag&section=example search for text containing both de and dag in examples
search?searchterm=fiets~0.5&section=example fuzzy search with a proximity of 0.5 for fiets in examples
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