Fryske Akademy lemma service

documentation of used linguistic codes

jsonb/rest services

The webservice supports looking for lemmas:

Client side caching of max 30 days is requested by the server! Clearing cache (F5) may be necessary.

The basis wsdl (for wsimport)
The wsdl types
The lemma data model

There is also a json / rest service:

looking for lemma
example: rest/find/aai*
example: rest/find/aai*?offset=20
example: rest/find/aai*?onlyChecked=false&offset=44
looking for forms in a specific location
{wordLocation: lemma|paradigm|dutchism|dutchism_paradigm|all}/{word}
example: rest/find/paradigm/aa*
looking for forms in a specific location using pos
{wordLocation: lemma|paradigm|dutchism|dutchism_paradigm|all}/{word}/{pos: adj|adp|adv|aux|cconj|det|intj|noun|num|part|pron|propn|verb}
example: rest/find/paradigm/aai*/verb
looking for verbs with split forms
example: rest/find/split/opkomst

Contact: e drenth at fryske-akademy dot nl